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Shedworx is a leading developer of Mac and iPhone apps, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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A better way to run your bench...

Manage your team like never before.

What People are Saying...

Great app. Simple and easy to use. Love how it has players sorted by game time so you know who has had the most time to sub them.
• Brett Murphy, App Store
Awesome APP - every coach should have it. Every frustrated parent should have it too!
• Giddy up, App Store

Track player times

Start the clock and BenchWarmer keeps track of the court time for all your players. Player times are updated every second and start/stop as they are subbed on and off.

Help with player rotation

BenchWarmer automatically sorts your court list and bench list, putting the players due to come on at the top of your bench list and those due to come off at the bottom of your court list.

Get started fast

Go to the Player screen and enter your player names to get started. Once you are up and running mark players as active/inactive to control who is shown on the Game Time screen.

Go Pro

Unlock Pro features to manage multiple teams and more.