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FootyStar upgrade - 1.1.0

Improved heat map, timer fixed and integrated blog post!

FootyStar version 1.1.0 is out now on the App Store!

We've fixed an annoying Timer bug which made FootyStar skip a quarter in some situations, and added a few new things...

New in this update is:

  1. Editing of completed games: you can correct scores, etc if needed
  2. Quarter by Quarter heat map review: you can now review your heat map quarter by quarter after the game
  3. Integrated blog: we've pushed the FootyStar blog up into the app so that you can easily see the tips and hints that will be coming out from the FootyStar experts
  4. Notifications: you will now get an iPhone Notification when we push out a new blog post, or have something important to tell you

Download FootyStar now to get all the new stuff!

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