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Heat Map for Forwards

Learn how to read the FootyStar Heat Map for Forwards

As a forward you can use the heat map to recognize where you are getting goals and behinds.

Behinds (or points), marked in grey, are an indication of the areas on the ground you should practice your set shots from during the week.

The goals, marked in gold, are a confidence boost for you to know where you are capable of kicking goals from and therefore you should be able to replicate next week. Once you know your strong zones for goal kicking, you should work towards these zones with your inside-50 leads, to hopefully get more scoring opportunities from high percentage positions.

As a forward you should also be looking to see disposals further up the ground to give an indication of your work rate. Gone are the days of forwards staying in the forward 50 and instead, you are required to go on long searching leads to help the team's ball movement.

Have fun and good luck!

FootyStar Team

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