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Heat Map for Midfielders

Learn how to read the FootyStar Heat Map for Midfielders

The bulk of a midfielder's heat map should show touches between the 50m arcs.

If you are not getting many touches in the centre circle this could be a trigger to improve your centre clearance work. Do this by organizing some set plays with your ruck man.

If you have an absence of touches backward of centre, this is a trigger that you are not helping your team out defensively. Getting back to help stop opposition ball movement will result in you getting more touches and starting the ball movement forward.

If you are lacking touches forward of centre, it is a trigger that you are not being attacking enough and pushing forward to be a dangerous threat.

Modern day midfielders like Ablett, Swan and Judd all push forward and are dangerous around goals. Try and get a nice balanced heat map as a midfielder to improve your all round game.

Have fun and good luck!

FootyStar Team

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