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Shedworx is a leading developer of Mac and iPhone apps, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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Take back control of your interchange and your team. Throw away the paper and pen and see how easily you can run your team.

What People are Saying...

Interchange is a great app for Time Keeping and making sure players get equal time. Awesome!
• Don Marko, App Store
Awesome at what it does - use it for my under 18 team...
• lasi17, App Store
The WAFC recognises the importance of providing equal playing opportunities to all players involved in junior competitions and applications such as the ‘Interchange App’ provide a simple to use mechanism for coaches and teams to ensure that all players receive equal game time and that rotations are managed in effective way.
• Troy Kirkham, West Australian Football Commission

Track player times

Start the clock and Interchange keeps track of game time and game % for all your players. Players are updated every second and are automatically sorted so that you know who is due to rotate.

Get Started Fast

Enter you team directly into Interchange or load it up instantly from a team list you already have. You can even send complete team lists from one iPad to another when you need to hand over the interchange manager job to someone new.

Any Sport

Interchange is for any sport where you need to keep track of player game time. Team sizes up to 30 are handled with ease on the iPad screen.

Easy to Use

Interchange shows your complete in an easy-to-read list or grid view. All you have to do is run the clock and tap players on and off. Interchange does the rest!