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Interchange 2.0.1

Player IDs, Team Officials added

Interchange has been updated to version 2.0.1 ready for the start of the 2016 Australian junior AFL season.

This update covers off a few areas which will make it easier for team managers to submit electronic Match Reports.

Team Officials

Team Officials can now be loaded via the team imports, entered manually on the Team List screen and included in Match Reports.

Team Officials are flagged as such in a team list and can be imported within a team list. When importing a team list, anyone with a player number greater than 99 will be flagged as an official. Team Official flagging can be edited in the Team List screen if you do happen to have a real player with a number above 99.

Team Officials are included in the Match Report in their own section outside of the regular player listing.

Player IDs

The Interchange team list now supports a Player ID. This is intended to be used for Sporting Pulse FootyWeb IDs in Junior AFL.

The Player ID can be imported via the team import function and will be included in any team exporting.

Team Loading

The team loading function has been improved to make it more resilient to errors when loading from CSV.

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