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FootyStar Mobile

Heat Map for Forwards

As a forward you can use the heat map to recognize where you are getting goals and behinds.

Behinds (or points), marked in grey, are an indication of the areas on the ground you should practice your set shots from during the week.

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Heat Map for Defenders

It's important to know that heat maps are supposed to look different depending on your general position on the ground. In this post we will look at heat maps for defensive positions.

A defender has other important stats (such as spoils) however they can analyze their heat map in the following way. The majority of your touches should be in the defensive 50m arc however make sure you are being attacking on turn over and you should aim to be receiving some touches up as far as the wing.

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Heat Map for Midfielders

The bulk of a midfielder's heat map should show touches between the 50m arcs.

If you are not getting many touches in the centre circle this could be a trigger to improve your centre clearance work. Do this by organizing some set plays with your ruck man.

If you have an absence of touches backward of centre, this is a trigger that you are not helping your team out defensively. Getting back to help stop opposition ball movement will result in you getting more touches and starting the ball movement forward.

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Goal Kicking Routines

To win a game of football you need to kick the most goals! Obvious enough assumption, however not a lot of time is spent training in this area considering just how important it actually is. To improve your goal kicking you need to start where the pros start: Develop a goal kicking routine.

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FootyStar upgrade - 1.1.0

FootyStar version 1.1.0 is out now on the App Store!

We've fixed an annoying Timer bug which made FootyStar skip a quarter in some situations, and added a few new things...

New in this update is:

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